zondag 28 juni 2020

Wrong pens ...

What a beautiful template and ... what a pity I decided to use Sharpies. Immediately after starting, I saw how the pen was bleeding.
But, as always, I went on because a long time ago I told myself to post the first attempt, even when I didn’t like it.

So here it is, my Zendala Moments #18, not the best ever, but I had fun doing this. And quite colorful!

Thanks Annette, for another beautiful template!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog!!
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Blessed be!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. En toch is hij heel leuk en fris geworden! We zijn soms te hard voor onszelf, dat is niet goed.

  2. They might have bled but the colors are so bright and beautiful! :)

  3. Ik snap wat je bedoeld, het is heel anders werken met Sharpies. Maar het resultaat is verassend, zo zonnig en kleurrijk.

  4. Really a beautiful and colourful Zendala! Even if they were not the right pens, the main thing is that you had a lot of fun. And that is the most important thing!
    Thank you for your Zendala Monent!

  5. Hij is kleurig. Ik heen ook altijd moeite met kleur in de zendala's