maandag 25 mei 2020

Zendala Moments #17

After Zen Moments #13 I hardly tangled. I staid so very tired and it became worse and worse. To make a long story short, They found out I had colon cancer and needed an operation. On April 1st (yes, typically me) I went to the hospital to be operated. In the hour before they took me to the operating room, I tangled to get calm (did not really help much) This is what I did then:

Later I was told that they could take away the tumor and I was clean!!!!  No chemo or radiation therapie needed!
No need to say I was sooooo relieved and soooooo very thankful.

Now to Anette's template #17.
I took a paper I had colored before with the Eco dye method. It's hardly visible, but I like the very soft colors.

Thanks Annette, for another beautiful template!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog!!
Want to see more work of other tanglers??

Blessed be!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Een mooie zendala, een nieuw begin na een mindere periode die voor jou goed is afgelopen.
    Ik wens je het allerbeste Annemarie en nog veel leuke ontspannende tekenmomenten.

  2. Ik had je al gemist Annemarie, Wat een spannende tijd is het voor jou geweest. Gelukkig was je op tijd tumor in zijn geheel kwijt te raken. Mag ik je daarvoor feliciteren en heel veel geluk wensen. Wat moedig om te tekenen zo vlak voor een operatie. Je Zendala #17 is zoals we van jou gewend zijn weer prachtig. Ik hoop er deze week ook aan toe te komen.

  3. I was so glad to see your blog post in my inbox!!! I've been thinking about you, hoping you were all right. I'm grateful that everything went well and that you're clean! Beautiful, thoughtful tangling. Best wishes for peace, health and hope.

  4. Oh my! That is such good news!! Hurray!!
    I especially love the second one...well, you know it's because I have a fondness for the mandala-like balanced tangling but I like them both. Congrats on the wonderful news! :)

  5. Dear Annemarie, I am so pleased your surgery was successful. I know that is is such a relief to hear such good news. I love you mandala. Best wishes & take of yourself.

  6. Mooi met die donkere contrasten.
    Je had naar aanleiding van mijn laatste mail aangegeven dat je snel zou mailen??
    Nog niet eraan toe??

  7. I like that soft touch of color too. Very nice.

  8. Wonderful Zendala with a fine contrast.
    I'm so glad you're feeling better!
    All the best for you,