dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

Henrike and Lisbon

Our guest this week is Henrike Bratz from Germany.
She has been in Lisbon recently and developed a new tangles from something she saw there (you can read all about her trip on the Diva's blog). She named the tangle 'Lisbon fragment'.

I tried this tangle several times and thought I knew how to draw it, but on my tile it didn't work out very well. Again .... it's about the process ...............

Henrike asks us to also use Diva Dance and so I did. After finishing I saw that the tile looked a bit like a sun. Not meant to do, but it's OK.

Thanks Henrike, I enjoyed working on this one.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you leave me a comment. Work created by fellow tanglers can be seen at 'I am the diva'.

Blessed Be!!!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Kan me voorstellen dat je hem lastig vind, maar hij is toch goed gelukt hoor. De Diva Dance maakt het helemaal compleet. En ja, ook ik zie de zon schijnen in jouw tile!

  2. Je hebt Lissabon in de stralende zon gezet Mooi! ik vond hem ook moeilijker dan ik van te voren dacht en heb ook hier en daar een foutje gemaakt!

  3. Well I'm sorry but somehow it makes me feel better wen I find out that I am not the only one who had to struggle with this pattern. I love the sunray effect of your patterning and the gentle, Summery blues. Very pretty.

  4. Well, Annemarie, you followed the instructions to add Diva Dance. I missed that, LOL! Your tile still turned out nicely with that sunny look!

  5. You got the hot sun in this tile too! End the electrifying dance in Lisbon! Well done!

  6. It appears that I'm really needing to see how everyone uses Diva Dance. :) That is where my eye has gone on most I have viewed. I really like yours! I especially like how you had the little rock'n roll in the corners and then the other version in bands. I also like the colored background. :)

  7. Elefantenhaut is te koop in de beter gesorteerde kantoorboekhandel, het zijn vellen van 50 x 70 cm. en word veel gebruikt voor oorkondes.
    Verder bij speciaal zaken in papier en boekbinden.
    Het is heel glad papier en fantastisch om op te tekenen met pen. Succes met het vinden😊

  8. This appears to be one of those challenges where the general consensus is that the focus tangle is difficult. I did the same thing that you did and practiced it a few times before I put it on a tile. I thought I had it but when I started on the tile, it was still quite a challenge. As others have said, yours turned out nicely and as you so aptly stated, it is about the process.

  9. Your tile reminds me of a dreamcatcher with the Lisbon fragment as the web to catch bad dreams. Nicely done!