dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

Fragment D-1 and gourds

Quite a surprise this week, to see a Dutch CZT as the guest 'Diva'.
It is Marguerite Samama from Amsterdam; you can get to know her a bit better on the weblog of our 'real' Diva!

Marguerite wants us to use Fragment D-1 for the challenge this week. I think this is a great challenge!
Because blue is a favorite color of Marguerite I took a tile I colored blue a while ago and als used a blue pen. My daughter bought me some Shihan Touch liners (pens) and I used them (well, only the blue one) for the first time and ... like it.

I do like the result of my tile and hope you do so too.

Some time ago I saw a new plant, that I didn't plant there, growing in our front garden. My friend Gerla knew what it was: a gourd! Because I loved the leaves a lot, I just let it grow there and to my surprise there were some gourds on it too. They became bigger and BIGGER. I was afraid they would break from the plant because it was growing on a wall. Last Sunday when I came home from working in the hospice, the plant was hanging down, but the gourds still attached.

I cut them loose and
 they are so beautiful!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you leave me a comment. Work created by fellow tanglers can be seen at 'I am the diva'.

Blessed Be!!!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautiful blue tile. It's so peaceful you cant help but smile looking at it.

    Maybe i should go check out these liners too!

    And the gourds look fantastic! Are they edible?

  2. Lovely tile Annemarie! The color is gorgeous;-)

  3. Heel bijzonder blauw op blauw!
    Ik vind het prachtig!
    En wat zijn die pompoenen mooi!

  4. Beautiful blue tangling and lovely gourds. :)

  5. Prachtige invulling van het fragment en door de kleur word het ook nog eens mooier. Wat een grote en dikke pompoenen. Zijn ze eetbaar?

  6. Love the blue and will try that pen, thanks. I have gourds from outer space in my garden too! Wonderful surprise!

  7. Very pretty approach to Fragment D-1, Annemarie. Those are interesting gourds. I don't think I've ever seen ones with this pattern.

  8. This is a nicely done take on the D-1 fragment. Paradox within a giant D-1. Pretty cool.

  9. Oooh, that paradox in the middle of your D-1 is just wonderful. Love the color, and the shape...SO good!

  10. I like your remarkable tile in these wonderful blue-turquoise colors with Paradoxon inbeded in Fragment D-1.

  11. Beautiful tile in blue! I do love it! Very creative way of using D1 as a string.

  12. Oh my goodness! What a lovely blue tile! I really like how you used D1 as a string and filled it with such wonderfully drawn tangles. How fun to see your mystery plant and it's fantastic gourds! Thanks so much for visiting my submission and for leaving such a kind comment.