vrijdag 1 mei 2015

Letters J, K and L

Diane and Carolien's challenge number 04 already and this time we were asked to use tangles beginning with J, K and/or L.

Like last week, I really enjoyed doing this, had some zen time again!

The ones I used are:

Lightning bolt
Lily pads
Lotus pads.

Thank you both, Carolien and Diane, for giving me a real pleasant zen time!

By following this link you will see what other tanglers did and also how you yourself can participate.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I hope you will take the time to leave a comment (or even more to become a follower) that will help me learn more.
I will try to comment to every one that did sent in an entry!

Blessed Be,

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Erg leuk geworden en een ruime hoeveelheid patroontjes gebruikt. Mooi geheel, alles past bij elkaar. Ik moet nog beginnen eraan. Wel heel erg bedankt , via jou heb ik weer een leuke challenge erbij!

  2. Beautiful tile. You fit so much into the space very nicely. It's very nice to look at. Sarah

  3. Wonderful tile with a great contrast! Lovely Jetties!

  4. Wat super leuk! 'Lightning Bolt' brengt heel mooi beweging in het geheel.

    Bedankt voor het meedoen met onze Challenge. Elke keer weer benieuwd wat je ervan maakt :)
    Fijne dag!

  5. Annemarie, this is so very lovely!! It is delicate, fun and lively all at once!! Thank you so very much for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy