donderdag 6 februari 2014

UMT: a jailed tangle

UMT, oftewel gebruik mijn tangle, is het thema van de eerste challenge van iedere maand.
Het is voor februari (jawel de lente nadert) 'Jailed Johnny', gecreëerd door Sadelle Wiltshire CZT, geworden. Deze had ik nooit eerder gezien en hij leek in eerste instantie lastig, maar toen ik het ging proberen viel dat mee.
Wat ik bijna nooit doe, deed ik nu wel, voor ik begon keek ik naar een paar inzendingen die er al waren, want ik wist niet goed hoe te beginnen.
Hierna besloot ik besloot er maar één te maken en dan flink groot.
Her resultaat zie je hieronder; ik vind hem best leuk en hoop dat jij dat ook vindt.

Om meer inzendingen te zien of zelf mee te doen kun je naar het weblog van 'I am the Diva' gaan.

Als je na dit bezoek aan mijn blog iets wilt opmerking (opbouwende kritiek is ook erg welkom), dan graag!

UMT, use my tangle, is the theme of this first challenge every month. For February (oh yes, spring is coming!) it is 'Jailed Johnny', by Sadelle Wiltshire CZT.
I had never seen this one before and at first sight it seemed to be difficult, but it wasn't at all.
What I almost never do is looking at other entries before I start, but this time I did because I did not really know how to start.
After this I decided to only make one, a BIG one.
The result is above; I myself like it and I hope you do too

To see more entries or participate yourself you can go to the web-log of 'I am the Diva'.

If you will be so kind to add a comment (positive criticism is also very welcome), then please do.

Blessed be!


12 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm struggling with inspiration for this one, Annemarie - don't know if I'll do it - but your piece is truly amazing. Maybe I just need to look at a few myself this time....Like you, I prefer not to until I've done my own. I love this piece! Axxx

  2. This is a super composition Annemarie. I think you have done very well with "Jailed Johnny" and it mixes so well with the other tangles.

  3. Ik vind het geweldig Annemarie !
    Het is een statige tangle geworden omringd door het prachtige patroon van Paradox.
    En hoe groot is groot ?

  4. So gorgeous variation! Also Iike the combination with Paradox and Zinger! Wonderful done!

  5. Wauw, ik vind hem prachtig geworden Annemarie, paradox past er heel goed bij.

  6. This reminds me of a family crest, with Jailed Johnny being a totem. I like the Paradox and Zinger around it.

  7. Wow, very dramatic, does have a regal feel to it.

  8. This is so BOLD and striking! I was scared of this pattern, but you were clearly not afraid. Beautiful.

  9. This is a beautifully done interpretation of Jailed Johnny. I think many of us had to think long and hard as to what to do with it. I think that's why I like the "more difficult" challenges because we get pushed into doing things we might otherwise ignore.

  10. I had to do the same thing - look at other entries. Yours is inspiring ... you make it look doable ... it seemed hard to me too until I saw how some others used it :) ~ Diane Clancy

  11. ik vind hem heel mooi geworden en heel anders als alle anderen die ik gezien heb.
    ik had er moeite mee en heb hem net pas geplaatst ...nog net op tijd.

  12. You've done really well Annemarie, I thought it was a bit difficult too - like you I don't look at other entries and I was tempted but I wanted to see what I came up with - you've made a beautiful strong tile.