donderdag 28 februari 2019

Pick up where you left off

"Pick up where you left off" is the theme of Challenge 386.
A bit hard for me, because, when I start a tile, I finish it. After some thinking what to do I suddenly remembered a tile that I started with just a few little lines on it. Don't know why I didn't go on with it, but now I was pleased to have it.
This is how it looked:

I took it with me to the hospice to-day because I knew (almost) for sure there would be some time for tangling. And that's just how it happened. I finished it tonight at home and here it is:

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Blessed be!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the paradox, especially the darkened triangles.

  2. Oh, that turned out so pretty! :) I bet you are glad you kept it unfinished so you could make such a pretty tile now.

  3. A wonderful combination of background and patterns. The black centre give your Paradox a great depth!

  4. Je weet intussen dat ik erg van achtergronden in aquarel hou, deze is prachtig en erg mooi met het zwarte tanglewerk, bekomen diepte en contrasten.

  5. Heel erg mooi geworden met de Paradox aan de uiteinden!