donderdag 6 december 2018

A bit of blue

A new month, so the challenge is an UMT as always. 123 O'Leary by Antonine it is.

I never saw this tangle before (I think), so time to try.
It is quite easy to draw and after two lines filled with it I thought Ixorus would be nice in between; some Diva Dance for a finish.
I liked the tile then, wanted to give it some color and ..... should not have done that :-(

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Blessed be!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the blue in your nice tile Annemarie :))

  2. Love the pop of blue and that other tangles you picked to go with it.

  3. Wat een leuke tangle is 123 'O-Leary om te doen, ik zie dat je er al even veel plezier in hebt als ik.
    Wat een mooie combinatie ook met de andere tangels.
    al met al een zeer geslaagde tile!

  4. I think the color highlights the UMT perfectly. Nice choice of tangles.

  5. Dat tikkeltje blauw geeft je tile net dat beetje extra, heel mooi gemaakt Annemarie.

  6. The blue highlights give your very nice tile a friendly character, Annemarie!

  7. I love your commentary on this tile! How often I think, "I shouldn't have done that" but it's too late. However, this time I think it worked out great. I like how you added just a touch of blue to the Ixorus to balance it out.