donderdag 1 november 2018

Oeps: a splotch ....

'Splotch-Tastic' is what we are supposed to tangle this week. After reading this on Monday, I had no idea what to do with it, but then, in the night from Tuesday -> Wednesday, I suddenly knew: Hollibaugh with black pen on the 'normal' tile and white pen on the 'splotch'.
And so I did last night and liked it. I decided to leave some spots open so it is not too busy.

Last Saturday I went to a workshop Gelli Plate; that was fun and I made some nice things. As you know, I like to tangle on colored backgrounds and I have made quite a few in this new way. Also nice to use for card-making!
Some examples:

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Blessed be!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the way you changed the pen color. The gelli printed pieces, they look so interesting. I haven't tried any of that yet, but have been wanting to.

  2. Clever idea reversing the pen colors. I'll have to play with that a bit.

  3. Your interesting tile with the black and white drawings looks very attractive in its composition! And you gelly-backgrounds will be wonderful cards for tangling!

  4. Nice splotch and I love the idea of the white tangle over it

  5. Absolutely beautiful "Splotch"-Tile. Changing from black drawing to white drawing have a lovely effect!
    Your Gelli-prints are wonderful!

  6. Beautiful splotch-art and I love those gelli prints😉