vrijdag 19 oktober 2018


Already Friday, a bit late for me to post the challenge tile. My husband was away to UK for a week, visiting his children and grandchildren, so I had all the time in the world. And ..... I did less (tangling anyway) then usual.
Yesterday he came home safely and in the evening I did my Diva tile.

'Dewd' is the tangle to use in this challenge.
I think I used it before, but that must has been a long time ago. It's a nice tangle, but hard to combine with others.
This time I used a white pen on this blueish paper and I think the result is not too bad.

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Blessed be!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Nee Annemarie het is helemaal niet "too bad", ik vind je tile heel geslaagd, vooral de combinatie van een witte pen en die grijze accentjes komt heel mooi uit op de turkooize achtergrond en die V-vorm voor je compositie komt goed tot zijn recht!

  2. Beautiful is the white drawing on the turquoise background - I like it, Annemarie :))

  3. I think you've combined it quite nicely. It's like a beautiful art deco tile.

  4. Your result is beautiful, dear Annemarie! Great idea to tangle with white on the blue background.

  5. A wonderful interpretation of the DIVA challenge! I like your composition and the white drawing on the beautiful turquoise background.

  6. Not too bad? It's beautiful!!! I love your linework, shading and the gorgeous turquoise.