woensdag 30 mei 2018

A not so puffy Puf

This last week of Laura's Birthday Month is a monotangle: Puf by Carole Ohl.
I think I never did this tangle before, so a nice time to do so. At east, that was what I thought, but after starting I quickly found out, that I'm not really friends with Puf. The 'puff' that I see in Laura's tile and in the step out is nowhere to be found in my Puf.

Well, as there are still no mistakes in Zentangle, I finished my tile and here it is for you to look at:

I will probably don't comment to your work much this week, because I will leave for Switzerland on Friday and stay there with my daughter for some days.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you leave me a comment; I do appreciate that a lot. Work created by fellow tanglers can be seen at 'I am the diva'.

Blessed be!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. A beautiful composition on a great watercolor-background, Annemarie! Puf is not my favorite pattern too!

  2. Door de prachtige achtergrond is het echt een mooie tile geworden. De linker driehoek lijkt te zweven boven de onderste, dat geeft een leuk effect!

  3. I like the way they are arranged, and the color. If you make the interior boxes more like auras, following the curved sides, it will look puffier.

  4. I love the composition. Puf is such a great pattern but hard to vary 😉 well done!

  5. Love your painted background and your triangle shapes.

  6. Huff, Puf(f)! Me too no Puf fan and I am glad I can cross this tangle 'Ouf' as done. But it has a great name! Anne Marie, some of your pufs may not be as puffy as you would have liked them to be, but I dig your slim versions anytime!

  7. So pretty! I love the watercolor background and the variations of Puf.

  8. I seem to have an easier time with Puf when I just make the "Greek key" a continuous line aura of the Bales petals. I love your composition! Enjoy your time in Switzerland!


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