woensdag 4 oktober 2017

Tint on new paper

The first Monday of the month and as we are used to .... an UMT. It's Tint, by Henrike Bratz.
A not very difficult tangle, pleasant to do and look at.

Last week I ordered a lot of paper and last Friday it arrived. Had to cut 'tiles' first and I did that yesterday. So, I had to use one for the challenge: this is Elefantenhaut and sooooo fantastic to draw on. Some time ago I saw that Mariët wrote about that paper and I tried to find it here is a shop, but they didn't even know what it was. So, I went on the internet and did find it right away, and with it so much more beautiful paper. Then I became greedy and ordered quite a few, especially when you know how large these sheets of paper are :-) So .... LOTS of tiles!

I'm very pleased to have this paper now (thanks again Mariët) but not so much with my creation on it. I find it's far too busy and not very balanced. Not even now, the next morning :-(
Well, at least I had a nice time doing this.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you leave me a comment; I do appreciate that a lot. Work created by fellow tanglers can be seen at 'I am the diva'.

Blessed be!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Inderdaad mooi papier, en een drukkere tile op zijn tijd kan écht geen kwaad ;-)

  2. Wat fijn dat je het gevonden hebt, ben ook benieuwd wat voor papier je nog meer had besteld.
    Wat werkt het fijn hé!
    Zoals Ilse al zegt, een drukkere tile op z'n tijd kan best mooi zijn, en dat is deze dan ook zeker! Ik vind ook de compositie wel goed in balans, mag je best tevreden over zijn :-)

  3. Ik vind hem ook toch wel leuk, anders dan gewend, maar daarom niet minder. Ik kan me niks voorstellen bij olifantenhuid papier.. ziet geliger uit ?

  4. Always fun to get new papers, or pens, or anything in the mail, LOL! Enjoy your new paper. Your first tile with is is very pretty and your Tint is done so well!

  5. I had never heard of elephant skin paper--which is what they said the name means when I searched for it. If it is textured like elephant skin that seems like an odd paper to be able to draw such fine lines on. Looks like it worked really well, though, and you love it. Enjoy!! :)

  6. It is always fun to use new paper, isn't it!? :-) I like your first tile on Elefantenhaut!

  7. Your tile is busy, but fun. I feel like there are eyes looking at me. ;-)

  8. I love the auras around the beads in Tint and your choice of tangles. Ah, the joy of new tools for tangling!

  9. Don't know that I would call it busy. Is similar to a tile would teach in a basic class. Little white space. You did well with Tint. I enjoy any tile with the tangle Cadent in it.