zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

A very organic tile

D&C 28 came with the letters L, Z and P.

I started with Laced and because of that I decided to use only organic tangles. A bit different from my normal work, but I like it.

I chose:

Laced by Mary Elizabeth Martin
Lazy Eights by Denielle Noe
Zinger by Zentangle
Pais by Mikee Huber (I like this , new to me, tangle).

By following this linkyou will see what other tanglers did and also how you yourself can participate.

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I will try to comment to every one that did sent in an entry!

Blessed Be!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel mooi! Misschien een minder zachte ;-) uitstraling dan de mijne, maar er gebeurt zoveel in jouw tile dat ik er echt een hele tijd naar heb zitten kijken. Leuk!

  2. Another great tile;-) you have managed to make lace look very threaded in and out. I have trouble with that. Pretty tangles this week,

  3. Leuk en alweer beiden 1 keuze hetzelfde, Zinger. Mooi Annemarie.

  4. Annemarie, I love your L-Z-P!! It is so light and delicate!! Carolien hasn't always been posting her challenge entries lately on her blog - but your question has motivated her to!! is her entry and is where you can find all her entries :) :) Thank you!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy