woensdag 25 juni 2014

A guest post

Deze week een gast, die de challenge bedacht heeft. Laura heeft Sharla R. Hicks hiervoor gevraagd.
Opdracht is om je favoriete tangles(s) te gebruiken en te veranderen zoveel je wilt.
Ik vond het lastig om favorieten te nemen, want er zijn best veel tangles die ik graag en veel gebruik. Ik kwam uit op Scallops en Shatuck en heb vooral Scallops veel groter gemaakt dan 'normaal'.
Ook gebruikte ik een renaissance tile, pas voor de tweede keer, dus ook 'anders'.
Dank je wel Sharla voor deze leuke challenge!

Op het weblog van Laura 'I am the diva' kun je zien wat mede tanglers van deze challenge maakten en, als je wilt (en waarom niet?) ook je eigen tile uploaden.

Dat je mijn blog bezoekt stel ik erg op prijs en ik hoop dat je een opmerking achterlaat.

This week a challenge made by a guest. Laura asked Sharla R. Hicks.

The challenge she gives us is to use your favorite tangle(s) and change as much as you want. I had a hard time to pick favorites, because there are a lot of tangles that I like to use and do that quite often. I came to Scallops and Shattuck and especially Scallops has some changes other then 'normal'.
I used a renaissance tile just for the second time, so different too.

Thank you Sharla for this nice challenge.

On the web-log of Laura 'I am the diva' you can see what other tanglers made of this challenge and, if you want (and why not?) upload your own tile.

I do appreciate you visiting my blog a lot and I hope you will leave me a comment.

Blessed Be!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, this is really pretty! I love the reddish brown centers of the Shattucks and how they echo the darker centers of Scallops! Very nice!

  2. Mooi Annemarie, kleurgebruik, tangle keuze, en compositie, alles klopt gewoon!

  3. LOVE this... very flowing and very artistically created... Love it all... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  4. So pretty, Annemarie, on the tan with the colors you used. I thought the dark orbs looked like doggie prints HAHA! Nice work!

  5. Mooie combinatie van tangles, en prachtig uitgevoerd.
    Ook mooie kleuren voor de schaduwen.

  6. So pretty! The color really makes it rich, and I love the highlights.

  7. Shattuck is one of my favorite tangles also. I have not done much fill with it. Yours looks good this way. Will have to try it. Nice color combo.

  8. I'm continually amazed at how all of us can do the same tangles differently and I know that's what this challenge was about, but I still get amazed! How you've enlarged some of your tangles has given them a whole new feeling. I'm not sure of the tangle pattern in the middle, it's the one with a black base with white highlighting, it looks great here. Nice work Anne :)

  9. Hey there Anne Marie.... How are you doing? I like your tile with the scallops...makes me hungry. I love all sea food...and scallops are right up there with lobster for me. Looks like a mouse got into the ink on the left side of the tile...like footprints there. Also on your other tile below the current one, (the right angle one) whenever I look at that one I think of candy bars, love it. Thanks for visiting my blog and tile, I always appreciate your comments there.
    from Duane.

  10. Hello Anne - The colors you chose worked well on the Renaissance tile...lovely. I love the way you filled in Shattuck and how you shaded and highlighted Scallops...beautifully done.

  11. Love the use of the colors and the Renaissance tile, beautiful work. The white highlights in the scallops really pop on the screen.

  12. Looks wonderful - really pops and shines. Brought a smile to my face when I saw it. Axxx

  13. I LOVE your image - it is fabulous!!

    My blog is down right now so I am on another url.
    ~ Diane Clancy

  14. The renaissance tile indeed creates a very warm atmosphere, and your color combination adds to it. I don't know why, but your tile seems very optimistic to me