woensdag 26 maart 2014

Spiral out, Keep going!?

Een spiraal maken is het thema van deze Challenge. 'Spiral out, Keep going' noemt Laura als songtekst. Misschien ben ik zo ongeveer de enige die geen idee heeft wat dat is.

Waarom weet ik niet, maar ik gebruikte nog nooit een spiraal als string; na deze Challenge zal daar denk ik verandering in komen, want ik vond dit ontzettend leuk om te doen.

Met het eindresultaat ben ik dan ook erg blij.

Dank je wel Laura, dat je me hiermee liet kennismaken!

Om meer inzendingen te zien of zelf mee te doen kun je naar het weblog van 'I am the Diva' gaan.

Als je na dit bezoek aan mijn blog iets wilt opmerking (opbouwende kritiek is ook erg welkom), dan graag!

Making a spiral is the theme of this Challenge. 'Spiral out, Keep going' is what Laura gives as a song-text. Maybe I'm the only one, but I have no idea what that is.

I don't know why, but I never used a spiral before as a string; after this Challenge that will probably change, because I liked it a lot.

So, I am very happy with the end result.

Thank you Laura, for making me use it.

To see more entries or participate yourself you can go to the web-log of 'I am the Diva'.

If you will be so kind to add a comment (positive criticism is also very welcome), then please do.

Blessed be!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice! Looks like a great landscape :)

  2. Very nicely done and it looks really like a landscape at night.

  3. I just love your landscape spiral! It looks like a tree (I love trees) with mountains, sunset, and night sky!! How clever! I don't usually use spirals either, but this is really beautiful!! :0) Share Humanity

  4. This is absolutely wonderful! Very imaginative! Wonderful done!

  5. I love this one, it has a lovely feel about it and it made me smile!

  6. This is gorgeous, Annemarie. It certainly does look like a landscape. Yes, you should use spirals more often.

  7. Nicely done, love the background to the spiral.

  8. You brought out all the fun tangles for this one! So creative :)

  9. Very nice to me looks like a question mark in a mirror while sitting in a forest veery calming

  10. I have never heard any song with those words in it, either. This looks very calming to me for some reason. Lovely. :)

  11. Lovely, lovely, Annemarie - wonderful take on the challenge and obviously great fun to do. Axxx

  12. Like the combination of grid and organic tangles. You did great for not using spirals before.

  13. Love this, Annemarie. As some of the comments above, it reminds me of a tree within the landscape. Beautiful :)


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