zondag 16 juni 2013

Erin's back: Dare 61

Na twee weken dan weer een Dare, ik gunde Erin de week rust van harte, maar ben wel blij dat ze 'er weer is'. Dank je wel Erin!!!

Een mooi, intrigerend sjabloon, waar ik niet direct raad mee wist. Nadat ik was begonnen met Paradox als centrum, ging alles verder vanzelf.

Op de site van Erin, The Bright Owl, kun je de inzendingen van anderen zien en als je wilt je eigen zendala uploaden.

Bedankt voor je bezoek aan mijn blog en als je een opmerking wilt achterlaten: graag!

After two week a Dare again, I was glad for Erin that she took this time off, but I glad she's 'back again'. Thank you Erin!!!

A beautiful, intriguing template, but I did not see what to with at first. After I started with Paradox as the center, the rest went 'just by itself'.

On the site of Erin, The Bright Owl, your can see the zendala's of others and, if you wish, upload your own.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you want to leave a comment behind: please do!

Have a great Sunday and take care,

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful! I really love the border and the 'paradox' in the centre.

  2. This is really nice Annemarie. I have started my template for this week and also used the earth rising tangle but slightly differently.

  3. This one turned out so nice, Annemarie. I like the idea of a border too.

  4. Beautiful work. I love the paradox!

  5. Oh, wow! Nice! This one is a bit tricky, I think. Yours looks great! :)

  6. Nice job. I like your outside border. The top ones remind me of the spinners that we use to make as kids with buttons. Have no idea what they were called.

  7. Wow! this looks like it is in motion! Nice job!!!

    DayLee Doodler #5

  8. Wat een geweldige combinatie van tangles.
    Paradox in het centrum ziet er heel dynamisch uit.

  9. Great paradox! The rest is also terrific and reminds me of some outer space thingie - maybe landing gear?

  10. hij is erg mooi geweorden en ik vind die ..diobolo..dingetjes ook leuk!

  11. Wow! I love the paradox in the middle. Fantastic!


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