dinsdag 25 juli 2017

A mindful Nzeppel

Oh, I love this challenge, brought to us by Elisa Murphy who is a guest on the Diva's challenge too.

She asked us to do a monotangle of Nzeppel, a tangle that I love, but had forgotten for a while. She also encourages us to do this tile mindful (as we should do to make a real zentangle tile).

A few weeks ago I read on Michelle Wyne's blog about the Eco dye method (there was a link to Magareth Bremners blog with a description how to do it) and last week I gave it a try. OMG I was so exited to see the result and I LOVE this way of coloring paper. '

For the challenge of this week I 'had' to try tangling on it so I cut out a tile (I used Mandala per of 14 x 14 cm) and started.

This one, and the ons above, are photo's and more the real colors then the tile below

My thoughts about 'not fitting' in were: Being different means, being me!!! And that's fine with me.
I loved working on this tile and I also love my finished tile. Hope you like it too.

This was scanned and, as always, the colors are vague

A huge thank you Elisa and also thank you to Margareth!!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you leave me a comment. Work created by fellow tanglers can be seen at 'I am the diva'.

Blessed Be!!!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. I think I need to look up the eco-tile method. Your "Nzeppel looks great on that background. I really like the web-like, lacy look of your Zentangle Diva challenge tile.

  2. Geweldig is deze eco-dyed techniek.
    De'N Zeppel is een prachtig werk geworden,door deze techniek toe te passen maar ook door de verfijnde afwerking. Heel origineel en mooi gedaan.

  3. Oh my! Your eco-dyed paper is fantastic. Isn't it fun!?! Even though I have several sheets to use, I'm doing another batch today. I can't walk down the street without investigating every tree and bush. Your 'nzeppel is delightful!

  4. I agree, Annemarie. No one should try to "fit in". It is the uniqueness of people that make them so special. You made beautiful paper for a really nice base for your 'Nzeppel!

  5. Wow Annemarie, wat een geweldige file!

  6. AnneMarie, your colored paper is superb !! I really like it and with 'nzeppel drawn on top of that is absolutely stunning. I see the comment above mine by Mariet, and she says it right in ANY language "Wow". Most accurately said.

  7. I love your delicate colored N'Zeppl :-))

  8. Beautiful! It has a lovely organic natural feel!

  9. You have created some nice looking papers. I have looked at the eco-dying but not sure I have the patience to do it. It does add a a really nice back ground to your tangling. I like the variance in the size of the "stones" in your 'Nzeppel.