zaterdag 29 augustus 2020

A photo of my zendala

 Zendala Moments #20: I just started it last Wednesday and finished it a day later. As (almost) always, tangling in the evening when my husband is watching news on the TV.

This time I made a photo instead of a scan, so the colours are more natural. I do like this zendala, not only working on it, but also the result.

Thanks Annette!!!

Blessed be!


zaterdag 8 augustus 2020

Heat and tangling

Tangling in a heatwave is not the most pleasant ever. Here in The Netherlands it is 35ยบC now. There is also a lot of smog and as a COPD patient that's not nice to be in. So we sit inside all day and only go into the garden in the evening.

I tangled zendala moments # 19 on Thursday and Friday evening and I like the result. The scan makes the (real bright) colors quite vague, Next time I might take a photo.

So, thanks again Annette!!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog!!

Blessed be!