zondag 20 december 2015

I like Oybay!

I'm a bit late this week, but here is my entry. We had to use the letters T, O 
and Q.

I used the following tangles:

Tri-Bee by Beate Winkler
Tropicana by Kate Ahrens
Oybay (a new one that I really like) by Antonine Koval
Queens Crown by Suzanne McNeil

My tile came out very static and different from what I 'normally' make, but I think I like it :-) The dark outside 'frame' is done with BeFunky photo editor.

By following this link you will see what other tanglers did and also how you yourself can participate.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I hope you will take the time to leave a comment (or even more to become a follower) that will help me learn more.
I will try to comment to every one that did sent in an entry!

Blessed Be!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel mooi, Anne.
    Alvast fijne feesten.

  2. Heel mooi, Anne.
    Alvast fijne feesten.

  3. Wonderful tile with a fine contrast! I like your choice of tangles! Thank you a lot for our friendship in blogland.
    Have a nice sunday!
    Hugs, Annette

  4. Nice tile! I really like the balance of light and dark. Happy new year!