zaterdag 29 augustus 2020

A photo of my zendala

 Zendala Moments #20: I just started it last Wednesday and finished it a day later. As (almost) always, tangling in the evening when my husband is watching news on the TV.

This time I made a photo instead of a scan, so the colours are more natural. I do like this zendala, not only working on it, but also the result.

Thanks Annette!!!

Blessed be!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Inderdaad Annemarie, een zeer mooi eindresultaat, prachtige kleuren en mooi tanglewerk!

  2. I like the random coloring with the pretty zendala! :)

  3. A wonderful Zendala with a fine contrast. I also like the small decorations with "Zinger" very much! I am glad that you enjoyed tangling and that you also like the result.

  4. A wonderful straightforward elegant interpretation of the Zendala with a very attractive background. I also like the result very much, Annemarie!

  5. Prachtig met die kleuren, ook je keuze van tangles maakt het een heel mooie zendala!


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