woensdag 24 augustus 2016

A Banking House being a tangle

After a lot of rain and chilly days it's finally warmer in the Netherlands. Well, from 18 on Sunday to over 30 today (34 expected on Friday) it will be quite hot for our country. So, I'll do my shopping early this morning and only sit outside in the evening. The quality of the air is not too good at the moment so my lungs (and not only my lungs to be honest) will like it better inside the house :-)

ING: in the Netherlands a banking House, but this week's tangle for the Challenge.
ING, also a tangle I love using, but not always think of. So, you see that coming ..... I love this week's challenge!

Almost 'of course' I took a tile I colored before (I have quite a stack now) and started with a big diagonal ING. Some aura's around it and then it was screaming for Paradox with Zinger.
Then there appeared some shapes that have now name and that is where I did the black lines that I had better not. Pokeroot made it a bit better, but still, the black lines are too much.

Still, I like most of the tile, so I'm OK with it.

For Square one I created this tile with Viaduct:

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you leave me a comment. Work created by fellow tanglers can be seen at 'I am the diva'.

Blessed Be!!!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Annemarie, die ING tile is prachtig geworden, heel leuk effect dat je pennen gebruikt hebt van verschillende dikte. Het wit/zwart/grijs dat je getekend hebt is heel mooi op die pastelkleurige achtergrond.
    De tile voor de Square one is anders maar ook heel geslaagd en ook hier mooie contrasten door het juiste gebruik van wit, zwart en grijs.
    Na mooi werk geleverd te hebben, lekker luieren en genieten van deze misschien wel laatste zomerdagen!

  2. Beide tiles zijn heel bijzonder, maar de ING tile is mijn favoriet. Heel geslaagd met Paradox ernaast en aan de andere kant een tangle die ik niet ken, heel mooie compositie!

  3. Gorgeous work! I love the coloring in your Diva tile;-)

  4. Je ING tile is eeg elegant en sierlijk. Mooi! Leuke uitleg en waar over de ING bank. Je viaduct is ook erg mooi en had ik al op FB gezien en geliked.

  5. Beautiful tiles Annemarie! Your ING tile is gorgeous and I love the subtle colors you used.

  6. It's also very very hot in germany, so you can't sit outside in the afternoon... But we can tangle in this time ;-)
    I like your ING tile and the patterns you combined it with. Lovely :-)

  7. I don't even know which part is the ING, but I like them both. Was extra hot and wet for here the last month. Still very humid even when the temp is beginning to drop for fall. :)

  8. Lovely work both of them! Just a suggestion (from experience lol), if you add a little extra black to the other side of your tile you may feel it balances better.
    I still love it as it is though.

  9. Both are beautiful! Especially I like your ING tile! It´s absolutely gorgeous!! Great and harmonious choice of tangles.
    Groetjes, Annette

  10. Some mighty fine tangling here, Annemarie! The black simply extended the dark started in the interior of the Ing, so a good add, and your Viaduct is so perfectly aligned and looks great!

  11. Twee hele mooie werken, Annemarie! De eerste is wat levendiger, de tweede meer sereen. Leuk om naar te kijken!

  12. Both tiles are so beautiful. My favorit is the ING-Tile. The colour is amazing.

  13. Beautifully done with a lot to engage the eyes.