zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

D&C 30!!!!

The last day of October and it's really beautiful weather here in the Netherlands. Yesterday I was cycling on a bicycle path that was totally covered with gold colored leafs. That made my day!!!! 

Already the 30th challenge from Diane and Carolien. Thank you for all of them; they bring me a lot of fun.

This week we are to use the letters O, A and C.

I used:

Orbs-la-Dee by Anneke can Dam (also Dutch :-)
Arc Flower by JJ LaBarbera
Cayke by Rose Brown
Croon by Magaret Bremner
Connector by Jane Monk

I don't know why, but I didn't enjoy doing this at all. Couldn't really find tangles that where fit together. The result is not too bad, but I can see my sort of struggle in it. So, no zen this week :-(

By following this linkyou will see what other tanglers did and also how you yourself can participate.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I hope you will take the time to leave a comment (or even more to become a follower) that will help me learn more.
I will try to comment to every one that did sent in an entry!

Blessed Be!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke tile, vrolijk en speels ziet het uit.Croon en Connector kon ik niet. Ziet leuk uit.

  2. Your tile is beautiful and I love the contrast. Enjoy the leaves! By the way...thank you!

  3. I too love the contrast - the middle section is particularly striking! Thank you so much for your lovely words on my pebble have made my day!! Axxx

  4. Annemarie, I think we all have struggles from some challenges :) Sorry it was ours this week!! But it does still look nice!! :) (And I think the vertical middle is gorgeous!!) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy