dinsdag 31 december 2013

Dare 85 with 'oliebollen'

Dit sjabloon vond ik in eerste instantie wat lastig, wist niet goed hoe te beginnen.
Toch ging het na het begon weer 'vanzelf' en ik ben er best blij mee.

Als je naar de site van Erin, The Bright Owl, gaat kun je zien wat andere tanglers hiermee deden en als je wilt je eigen zendala uploaden.

Bedankt voor je bezoek aan mijn blog en als je een opmerking wilt achterlaten: graag altijd leuk en leerzaam!

At first I thought this template was a bit hard, I did not know how to start with it.
But, after starting, it went just by itself, as always and I am pleased with it.

If you go to the site of Erin, The Bright Owl, your can see what other tanglers did with the template and, if you wish, upload your own.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you want to leave a comment behind: please do, I will learn from it!

Het is oudejaarsmiddag en ik ben net klaar met oliebollen bakken, zal er hieronder een foto van zetten, niet voor landgenoten, maar misschien vinden ze dat elders in de wereld wel leuk.
Voor 2014 wens ik jullie alles wat nodig is om een tevreden leven te leiden. En, vooral ..... een liefdevol jaar.

It's the afternoon of new-years eve and I have been baking 'oliebollen' (oil balls). This is a very old tradition in the Netherlands and I like to show you how they look, so here is a photo:

You can eat them warm or cold and there is powder sugar on it.
For 2014 I wish you all everything that is needed for a content life. And, most of all lots of love and light.

Blessed be!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Annemarie, I gasped when I saw your title with oliebollen in it. I used to make these for my older boys when they were little. Their father was Dutch and once a year the school would have an International day where the children brought something that represented their heritage. What a sweet reminder of something wonderful almost a lifetime ago. Yummy!
    I thought this was an awkward template at first and felt like I might not be able to come up with something. You made yours beautiful!

  2. Really like this zendala. I agree with your comments. It is so easy to over think and I am consistently amazed and pleased with the results when you begin and let the process develop. I think this is a good template for this as there are so many possibilities. I have not had time to finish it yet, but and working on a second one that still uses some traditional tangles but looks very different than the first one I did. I like your use Knot Rickz. It works well with this template. There is a good contrast between line work and fill. Looks great. Wishing you and your family many blessings in the New Year. Almost forgot, My Mother-in-law, who is German, use to fix something similar to oilebollen. Do not know what they were called, but they were delicious.

  3. I like how you added the curves around the outer edge of the template to eliminate the straight lines. It all blends together so nicely! I would love to be able to taste your oilebollen too!! Looks yummy. Now I may make some cookies for a new year's eve treat!

  4. I like all the different parts and how they work together! Enjoy your treats and Happy new year!

  5. Very distinctive look on the zendala! I've never heard of those, but they look inviting!
    Happy, happy new year!!! :) :)

  6. Mooi geworden en lekker strak in zwart en wit!
    Voor jou ook een heel mooi 2014 toegewenst met veel tangle plezier!

  7. Oh, and I see some beautifully tangled dishes in the bottom left hand corner of the photo. It's worth clicking on to see them more clearly!

  8. It's a really beautiful Zendala, Annemarie and gosh, those 'oil ball's look good, even if it's not the most elegant name! Like Jean, I spotted your lovely tangles on the table - they look lovely. Axxx

  9. Very lovely zendala! Wonderful shading and linework!

  10. Annemarie, The oil balls look delish! My Polish grandmother used to make a similar doughnut-like delicacy called (phonetically) "Punch Key." Unfortunately I don't know the Polish spelling. Looks like your have raisons in them. My grandmother's were filled with a prune filling. Sure wish I paid closer attention to how she made them.
    Your Zendala is beautifully drawn. Love all the fine line work. It seems to be dancing.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  11. Het was een lastige sjabloon deze keer, maar het is jou gelukt er een prachtige Zendala van te maken.
    Ik wens je veel geluk, gezondheid en creativiteit in 2014 !

  12. Great tangle choices. And your shading works so well.

  13. You did a wonderful job with this template. I also like the looks of the oil balls- yum!

  14. Very nice Zendala Annemarie! Such a nice contrast between the flowing Knot Rickz and the sturdy Strircles - it really anchors the whole design. My grandmother, who was Dutch, used to make Oliebollen at the holidays (yum!)... thanks for that memory!

  15. Your oliebollen look delicious, I've never had them before. Your zendala is super with it's combination of contrasts. Good choice of tangles.